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Zehut Platform Synopsis

Click here for Platform synopsis pdf

Please note: This platform is a work in progress. If there is any discrepancy between the Hebrew and English versions of the platform, it is the Hebrew version that takes precedence.


Dear Reader,


The document in your hands is much more than a party platform. It is a Jewish vision and a message of national liberty of historic proportions.


Moshe Feiglin




The State of Israel is the fulfillment of the dream of generations of the Jewish people, and the instrument for realizing its all-inclusive message. It was established in order to be a Jewish state, so that the Jews could build and be built there and realize themselves and their destiny as individuals and as a nation. It has no other purpose.


After two thousand years of exile, and against all historical logic, our people survived, returned to its land and made it blossom anew. From a destroyed, almost empty land, the Land of Israel became a land flowing with milk and honey and the center of science and world progress. The people of Israel received a third opportunity to fulfill its destiny. Whether we like it or not, we are not a nation like any other nation or state. In addition to mere existence, we also have a destiny that humanity expects us to realize - a destiny that is our vision. It is this vision that will give us and the world abundance, security, good life and peace.


Our State, the Third State of Israel, preceded by the Kingdoms of David and Solomon and their heirs and the Hasmonean state, has been the national dream for tens of generations - since the loss of national independence and the destruction of the Temple. The mission of the State of Israel is not only to preserve our physical existence in a democratic state, but also to renew our lives and unique culture here in our country. The state was established so that we could maintain a flourishing exemplary society - one that would benefit not only us, but would serve as an example to humanity as a whole, to learn from it and be blessed by it.


In the ancient Hebrew of the Bible, it says, "I will make you light to the nations," “to   perfect the world in the kingdom of Heaven" and “and you shall eat your bread to satisfaction” "and you shall dwell in your land safely." In modern Hebrew, this means a sovereign, Jewish, moral, rectified, prosperous advanced and safe state. a state that exports not only science and technology, but is also an example of a good and prosperous individual  and national life, a life of freedom and morality, a life with meaning, a life in which no one is enslaved to anyone else - a life in which we are all free under the Creator alone.


There is no Jewish identity without liberty, and liberty does not go together with coercion. The all-inclusive Jewish message is not found on the Right nor on the Left, with the religious or the secular - it is found in all spheres of the people who returned to their Homeland and thus, to history. Therefore, we strive to enhance freedom and allow it to develop in a way that is natural to us. Any attempt at identity-coercion will delay the process of returning to ourselves.


We cling to our Land, and strive for as little government involvement as possible in the life of the individual. We strive for a state of freedom, which is conducted in accordance with Jewish culture and morality, and strives to fulfill the vision embodied in them. We believe that we have a clear path to that goal, which we lay out before you in this platform in a succinct manner. We believe that there is a broad spectrum of people from all parts of the nation and citizens of the country who share these principles and who can be natural partners on their basis. If you are one of them, join us! Together we will make them a reality.

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