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What is the Communal Structure?


Zehut is a democratic party, which puts faith in the intellect of the greater community above the intellect of any specific individual, intelligent as he/she may be.

Our long-spanning experience in the Likud, where we learned party inner workings (both positive and negative), has made us aware of the issues that accompany the current model.  We understood that the current system of general elections for a large, central base, allows over time for infiltration by those with private interests and vote mongerers. This leads to a loss of focus on the party's ideologies, a break between leader and led, corruption and loss of voter influence on the party.

As such, we have built a new structure for Zehut, which can better deal with these issues. It is  a ground breaking, innovative, new structure.

The basics are as follows:
1. Every ten members choose a coordinator who they know and value.

2. Every five coordinators choose a delegate who they know and value.

3. If a person is unhappy or unsatisfied with the positions and actions of the official he/she supported, he/she may withdraw support from that individual.

4. Elected delegates make up a council, the party's highest body responsible for management and choosing its causes.

This system makes delegate-voter relationships and close acquaintance not only a possibility, but a necessity (and for this reason we call it the "Communal Structure"). This system also results in a much higher obligation to moral fiber and ideals for which the official was chosen.  Further advancing these matters is the fact that support can be withdrawn.

This system affords party members the opportunity to get involved, ask questions, propose new proposals and receive explanations on party management from people they know on a personal level who are involved in the party's center of action.  It also allows the integration of party members' considerations and desires, thus moving the party vision and action forward in a fluid process, and for the wisdom of the masses among them to be properly tapped and utilized.


This is indeed quite different from other parties, where members only receive an opportunity to express themselves every 6-7 years in party "center" elections.  In those elections, there is no acquaintance between the voters, who select from a predetermined list, and the members of that list, the officials.  Results are decided by corrupt and crooked deals between "vote brokers" and the voters, and the only interests served are those of the officials.

In order to bring Zehut's Communal Structure to fruition, we have built a computerized system that allows the member to be involved in this democratic masterpiece easily and accessibly - at home, on the go, with just a few clicks.

Immediately upon joining the party, the member can enter the party database, choose a coordinator, or even be elected as one themselves.

In this system there is no need to wait for party center elections rigged by political parlor tricks and conducted only fitting the agenda of the party leadership.  Immediately upon joining one can influence the party.  

In this system, you aren't in the pocket of your official. If you feel they no longer support your beliefs, you can withdraw your support.

In this system, there is no need for expensive elections and ugly internal politics.  The system updates and innovates constantly.

Click here to access the Communal Structure

and enter your personal page.  Through this page you can propose your candidacy for the position of coordinator, elect a coordinator, and see who in your area has yet to choose a candidate, perhaps you can give them a call and discuss the matter....

It goes without saying that if possible, you recommend your friends qualified to be coordinators join Zehut (no seniority necessary for this purpose).  

If you have any questions regarding the Communal Structure and how it works, you can see the FAQ and conditions pages through your personal page (via the tab on the top right side of the page).

It should be noted that the Communal Structure is the internal structure ONLY of the internal Zehut workings.  The elections for party leadership and primaries for the Knesset list are personal and private, and in them every member has an equal voice.


Obviously, there is a very significant value to a delegate with the trust of fifty members. In the voting booth, however, every delegate, coordinator, and simple member is equal, and their votes are all exactly the same.



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