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Primaries Results: Stage 1

Our warm salute to all of our amazing, dedicated Zehut candidates. Our warm salute to all of you, Zehut members, for participating in this historic  vote for Israel. The following are the official results of the primaries voting for Zehut's 21st Knesset slate. The people listed below will progress to Stage 2 of the voting, the Open Primaries. This stage will take place shortly after new Knesset elections are announced. (Click here for the video that explains how the stages of the primaries work).

List of primaries candidates who will continue to Stage 2:

1. Gilad Alper

2. Nitzah Kahane

3. Rafael Minnes
4. Hagai Greentzeig
5. Rabbi Dudi Spitz
6. Libby Molad
7. Alexander Elman
8. Yishai Fleisher
9. Ronit Dror
10. Asya Entov
11. Arkadi Motar
12. Hagai Ben Ami
13. Tova Even Chen
14.Albert Levy
15. Nadav Halamish

Excerpts from Moshe Feiglin's  speech immediately after the results were announced:

My heart is full of thanks. A new party has been born. This is a celebration for  Israeli society. There are a number of new messages here tonight. We are groundbreakers not only with our ideology, but also with our new and clean politics. And the media is paying attention. We had a lot of interviews and on Galei Tzahal we had a surprise. Suddenly in prime time they announced that according to the polls of two of the major parties, Zehut is likely to get 15 mandates in the next elections. These are not my words, but of the Galei Tzahal moderator. We have to work hard. but we know that the faith that we have in Am Yisrael will meet together with our ideas to create new hope for Am Yisrael.

I have the utmost respect for all of our candidates and their great sacrifice j. I hope you will all be in the Knesset. Now for the next stage, the first 15 candidates will be open to voting of all Am Yisrael. These candidates will have to work as a team to get our word out to the entire Israeli public. I am happy to say that unitl now, there has also been amazing team work between the candidates. Some of us remember the Likud and what happened there between the candidates. Now we will all work together to being Zehut firmly into the public eye.

Now about the list that was chosen tonight. There are a number of nuances that i have noticed. There is a group that has been running with me from the very beginning of Zo Artzeinu. A loyal and serious group. Additional groups have joined them. Now there is no one group that has won it all. We have veterans and new people. Just as we knew how to be open to new people within the party, we will also know how to open up to all of Am Yisrael and I am sure we will have comparable excellent results. 
This is a new stage for the Nation of Israel. Of maturation of Zehut. The sky is the limit. 

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