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The “Plan of the Century” - by Moshe Feiglin

The biggest difference between Trump’s Plan of the Century and all the arrangements and plans that have preceded it – particularly the Oslo Accords and their appendices – is that this is the first time that Israel is getting something real on the ground, while the Arabs are the ones getting words.

Even if Meretz were to form a government, there’s no fear of establishing a “Palestinian” state. Not because Israel isn’t interested in it, but because a “Palestinian” state is the nightmare of the Arabs of Judea and Samaria.

Understand, the self-definition of this invented people isn’t its own sovereignty in its “land,” but rather the denial of our sovereignty in our country.

The anti-Semitic Foreign Minister of the Mandate government, Ernest Bevin, explained this long ago – in November 1947 – when he appeared before the United Nations and explained the root of the conflict:

“The goal of the Jews in Palestine” – said Bevin – “is to establish a Jewish state in Palestine. The goal of the Arabs in Palestine is to prevent the Jews from having any sovereignty in Palestine.”

Bevin’s prescience has been confirmed many times during the 73 years following his quintessential explanation.

For 19 years, the territories of Judea, Samaria, and Gaza were under Arab, Jordanian, and Egyptian control. No call for the establishment of a “Palestinian” state was heard at the time.

In 1967, when these homeland territories returned to Jewish control, the demand for the establishment of a “Palestinian” state in those territories suddenly surfaced, and when that state was almost forced on Arafat – he started a war to prevent its establishment.

A similar phenomenon is occurring this very moment in Gaza, which has been evacuated to the last of the Jewish graves and given over to “Palestinian” control. The only reason the war in Judea and Samaria is cold and not hot is because the IDF hasn’t left Judea and Samaria.

They can’t establish a state, because once they do so, the conflict will end, and that’s their only shared purpose (a little reminiscent of Blue & White, whose entire identity is based on the elimination of Netanyahu. The moment they achieve their purpose, they’ll start falling apart – as in the precedent of the “Kadima” party).

Add to that the plethora of Trump plan preconditions – starting with disarmament, continued Israeli security control, etc. – and the prospect of a “Palestinian” state clearly isn’t even on the horizon.

There remains, then, the declared price, which I don’t minimize at all – on the contrary. An Israeli prime minister announcing that he’ll agree to discuss the establishment of a “Palestinian” state is a terrible threat.

Even though (as far as we know at the moment), that’s not the wording that’s going to be submitted for government approval, it’s still a significant recognition of our biblical heartland belonging to a foreign element.

That hurts me very much, I would never say such a thing, and it’s clear to me that aside from the material injury, this recognition of their supposed connection to the land will lead to another round of bloodshed – just as the decision of the November 1947 Partition Plan led to the fact that the War of Independence has never ended.

But the truth is, Netanyahu has already stated this explicitly in the Bar Ilan speech, and if in the signed version that’s submitted for a government vote, this statement remains Netanyahu’s personal view and not a signed Israeli government decision – then there is really no change here for the worse.

To recap, friends –

Even though when it comes to politics, I’m extremely suspicious, and those who’ve been burned by the boiling water of Oslo should take care even with the lukewarm water of Trump’s plan, and even though I’m terribly afraid of a possibility in which an Israeli left-wing government might take advantage of an extreme situation where an Arab leader in Ramallah is in existential distress (as Arafat was in Tunis) and will force him to establish a state whether he likes it or not, even so (!) with all that, we have a great opportunity here that must not be missed.

If the plan results in massive construction in Judea and Samaria (not to mention housing prices dropping as a result) in all the areas designated for settlements, and subsequently in gradual annexation of the entire area, then Prime Minister Netanyahu and President Trump will have earned their place in history as trailblazers in the process of restoring Israel.

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