• Moshe Feiglin, Chairman of Zehut

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The F-35 fighter is the biggest pile of junk in the world-wide history of advanced technology and its development will not end.

It is doubtful if it can even reach its strategic targets in Iran effectively and I have written much about this previously.

On entering the White House, President Trump considered cancelling the project but he, too, understood that the government is in too deep with Lockheed Martin and cannot allow this white elephant to come crashing down on its head.

Independent countries have cancelled orders for the plane but in difficult times like these, what are friends for? Friends like Israel – who in any case receives "aid" – and suckers like the gulf states – who "pay cash" (Trump).

By the way, the biggest swamp of corruption in Israel appears to surround the national security complex and the enormous sums expended on security acquisitions under the aegis of our famous security ethos and "top-secret" security concerns. These serve as an uncontrollable temptation to accede to U.S. pressure and to the solicitation of Lockheed Martin to buy this unnecessary white elephant, instead of the advanced F-15 (for example).

"Barak pocketed a cut from every arms deal" explained former Prime Minister Ehud Olmert to his loyal (and recording) Shula.

I haven't researched who was the Defense Minister who approved the Israeli F-35 deal – you can check for yourselves…

Concerning Netanyahu and the current deal:

The man who was willing to release to Gaza all the Hamas leadership at that time (something that even Olmert didn't dare to do) in return for a photo opportunity with Shalit on the helicopter exit ramp – an act that was directly responsible for the subsequent deaths of many soldiers and the deterioration of Israel's strategic standing -is certainly capable of convincing himself that this deal will not hurt us (and maybe that is even true) and to thereby indirectly permit its conclusion.

I do not know what the wider consequences will be of flooding the gulf states with American weapons, but it is clear to me that they could easily be turned against us. I don't know if there is any limit to the quality of weapons that will be sold or to the security price that Israel will pay. It could be that the formation of a meaningful alliance in the face of the Iranian threat is an important consideration. American economic considerations would, in any case, win out, and sooner or later this deal would happen. This wouldn't be the first weapons deal of this kind.

One thing, however, is clear to me: in the personal and political situation into which Netanyahu has been forced – his judgement is no longer objective.


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