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A victory for Zehut and the Likud this morning at the Supreme Court

The petition filed by the Movement for Quality Government against the agreement between Zehut and the Likud has been canceled.

The court made it clear to the Movement for Quality in Government that it intended to dismiss the petition outright and after hearing the allegations, the court recommended that the petition be withdrawn.

Zehut stated: “After another petition filed by the Democratic Camp to the Election Commission against the agreement was rejected outright, it would have been appropriate to dismiss the groundless petition of the Movement for Quality in Government against the agreement between the parties as well.”

“We are pleased that the Supreme Court has fully accepted our position and has recommended to the petitioners to withdraw it. The Zehut-Likud agreement has the potential to establish a government committed to Zehut’s values ​​and advancing its values.”

Zehut was represented by Prof. Aviad Hacohen and Legal Advisor Attorney Iska Bina. The Likud was represented by Attorney Avi Halevi.

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