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An existential threat

Strategically speaking, transferring responsibility to the Americans and their sanctions is collapsing before our eyes.

“They didn’t help us with the invasion of Normandy, but they’re nice guys.” That’s how Trump explained the abandonment of his Kurdish allies to the Turks (and the Saudis to the Iranians).

We didn’t help them in the invasion of Normandy either. We were busy fueling furnaces in Auschwitz with our bodies, while they weren’t being bombed.

Meanwhile, Channel 13 reports that the head of the Iranian nuclear agency has announced that the plutonium reactor in Iraq will be operational within three weeks.

This is a Dimona-class reactor. One that knows only how to make nuclear weapons. No centrifuges.

And us?

We’re busy with Lieberman and how to draft Haredim that no one really wants in the army.

So what now? Is it still possible to avert a catastrophe?

We’ll talk about that today at five.

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