• Moshe Feiglin, Founder of Zehut

Supreme Court Hearing on Cannabis

To my right is Nir the Angel, to my left is Lior with her sclerosis.

A panel of 3 judges led by Justice Meltzer listens to the attorney representing the Ministry of Health. Across from them are lawyers for the cannabis companies, lawyers for the petitioners, the heads of the Ministry of Health and the Cannabis Unit – and a hall filled from here to there with patients who suffer daily and who know suffering.

As the hearing continues and as Judge Meltzer does his best to get to the meat of the matter, the state’s representatives make things more complicated.

Fear of the authorities has enveloped the representatives of the companies, who are careful to open every trial with effusive praise for the “Reform”.

At one point, the petitioners explain that the conversion table between the names of the strains to which the patients were accustomed in the old method, to the so-called medical definitions of the “Reform”, is a negligent and illogical table, which endangers patients due to them receiving strains that are unsuitable for them and have serious adverse effects.

The head of the Cannabis Unit is called to Judge Meltzer to explain this contradiction, and of course he failed.

The discussion goes on and on, and I’m losing lose patience.

It’s clear to me that all this reform was born of sin. The sin of pride.

Where do you get the nerve to decide for a sick and suffering person what helps and what doesn’t?

How dare you make the lives of patients more miserable and dangerous than the mice in your lab?

The “Reform” is destined for failure, because it insists on taking the plant that only God has a patent on, and trying to domesticate it, to put it into the “pharmaceutical” conceptual world that allows you to feel you are in control.

And that’s the point. Power and more power – and the hell with the sick.

It won’t work for you. Patients will continue to suffer, and you will be responsible for the malignant failure – until you learn some humility.

The true solution is, of course, full legalization. Unfortunately, we were half a mandate short of attaining that.

The interim solution that I was able to achieve in an agreement with the Prime Minister – is legalization for patients only. That is, once a doctor has prescribed cannabis treatment for the patient, the entire local and global market for strains and doses will be open to his or her choice.

For now, all that remains is to wait and see if any government will be formed and what Justice Meltzer will do next week.

And in the meantime? Is anyone even considering stopping this wheel of torture and bringing reality back to the way things were?

Of course not – Sivan Maimuni z’l has already paid with her life as your human experiment pit – but stop now? That would mean admitting failure … and worse than that – giving up control over the lives of others.


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