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  • Moshe Feiglin, Zehut Chairman

This is Our Land – No “Buts” About It.

For years, I’ve been pushing the prime minister and other ministers to say with their own mouths the simple pair of words that no head of state would hesitate to say: “This is our land.”

Even if one of our leaders has uttered those words, he’s always attached to them, “but”…

“This is our land… but also their land…” is tantamount to getting married by saying, “Behold you are consecrated unto me… but also to the neighbor…”

Yesterday, after the Prime Minister reiterated the kind of role he plans for me in his government, I first heard the words “this is our land” – without any “but”.

Obviously, the road to achieving national and economic goals will be a continuous struggle – nothing’s going to come easy.

But needless to say, in the face of all the other options – a government with Zehut is now the best option – both to protect our country and to advance our economy.

And something else important.

In order to have a national government headed by Netanyahu, a government from which I will protect the country and the economy, a government that begins to apply sovereignty to our land, in order for us to have all of this –

It really doesn’t matter whether “Yemina” gets 9 or 8 or 7 seats.

But it does matter – a lot – if the Likud gets one mandate more or less than Blue and White.

Without a clear Likud victory, Rivlin won’t hesitate to take revenge on Netanyahu and give Gantz the job of putting together a coalition.

In the upcoming elections, we’re voting for Zehut, with a Machal (Likud) ballot.

In the upcoming elections, we’re voting for a government with Zehut.

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