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Dr. Ronit Dror, on Bituach Leumi (video)

In the last election, they attacked the Zehut party because we proposed to make changes to Bituach Leumi.

They accused us false of wanting to cancel payments and pull support from those who need it most. But the opposite is true! These are exactly the services we believe are critical to preserve.

What no one was willing to tell you is that if no changes are made, what is about to happen is that in just three years, starting in 2022, Bituach Leumi is going to start a deficit that could lead to bankruptcy of the entire institution by 2037.

Not only economists are warning about the collapse of the institution, but even Bituach Leumi itself.

Dr. Ronit Dror, candidate number 3 on the Zehut Knesset List, invites you to listen to the facts and hear what the Zehut Party is proposing to do to rectify the situation.


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