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Post by Dr. Ronit Dror, #3 on the Zehut list for Knesset

Last night, doubts were resolved, and the lists for the Knesset were closed. It’s time for me to say that I personally didn’t really want to sit alongside Ayelet Shaked (friend of Shuli Moalem, at 12th place on their list), Smotrich, or Ben Gvir. I respect everyone, but I don’t see how the agenda that I lead, for gender equality, liberalism, individual freedom and especially for the state to get out of our intimate lives (yes, our sex lives, too) is compatible with these narrow minded parties.

So even at the risk of Zehut not entering the Knesset, I will work and be active in our election campaign to continue hearing the voices of fathers and their children who are cut off from them, the voices of second wives, the voices of parents, who see their son’s suffering but feel helpless.

I will continue to make heard the voices of the many men who feel afraid to live in this country just because they are men. Who are afraid to interview or hire a woman. A country that doesn’t count them when they experience violence. That doesn’t bother prosecuting women who make false accusations against them and ruin their lives, whether in divorce proceedings (in order to gain an advantage) or falsely accuse them of sexual harassment that never happened, because they want to take revenge on him.

And even if it’s difficult and there are fathers/men and women who don’t join me in this so just, basic, and critical struggle for us as a society, I will continue, because so many people are relying on me, and I don’t intend to disappoint them.

And yes, I haven’t talked about the many other populations that no one takes upon themselves to help, and certainly don’t consider them in their campaigns, like women who work in prostitution, children who are casually thrown out of their homes, medical cannabis consumers, and others.

What’s certain is that we need Zehut in the Knesset, because it’s the only party that will talk about them, and see to it that their voices also get heard.

#Vote_Zehut #הצביעו_זהות

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