• Moshe Feiglin, Founder of Zehut

Zehut is running to win!

The Zehut Party is running to win!

What did you think? That we’d abandon a huge populace of 120,000 people who have already caught the liberty bug and voted Zehut?

Did you imagine that you’d manage to cause us to abandon a similar number who intended to vote for Zehut, but thought that we were already safely in, and ran to save other parties?

We aren’t going to let fear, and those bringing it, chase the one hope for real change out of the political arena!

We aren’t going to let you chase future generations away to Portugal and Berlin.

We aren’t going to let you continue profiteering off of housing prices and the cost of living.

We aren’t going to let you continue abusing fathers and their children, mothers and the family.

We aren’t going to let you abandon the ill, and we aren’t going to let your greed continue to stand in the way of using the cannabis plant.

We aren’t going to let you decide for us where our children are going to learn and what exactly they are going to learn there.

We aren’t going to let you oppress our land and give it away to foreigners.

We aren’t going to let you continue abandoning our security, buying quiet with protection money.

Beecause what exactly is the “message” for which you are so paternalistically demanding that we not run?

More of the same nothing?

The gall of you to prevent a technical bloc with Zehut at any cost, and then to speak of unity on the right...

Ayelet declared us out of bounds Smotrich cast a veto against us Even Ben Ari banned us

What were you so afraid of?

Were you afraid of the message? Were you afraid of the breadth of liberty beyond you? Were you afraid of daring to change? Were you afraid of the unpleasant mirror that Zehut is holding up to you?

You wanted to hide Zehut’s hope from the public.

You’ve done everything possible to eradicate Zehut and eliminate hope for liberty.

And as far as you’re concerned – the hell with the land of Israel, we’d rather be in the opposition than have Feiglin.

As far as Smotrich is concerned, it’s okay to approve Arab building in Area C, and even take pride in it, but sitting with Feiglin ¬– that’s never going to happen...

But we’re here without you. And we’ll be here long after you – Loyal as ever to our people, our land, and our Torah. Fighting as always for our liberty and our identity.

And with God’s help, Zehut’s message will be at the forefront, and we will be victorious.

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