• Lisa Liel

So Happy We're Running Independently

If it weren't for the antidepressants, I'd be crying, I'm so happy. Zehut is running independently, as is appropriate.

No one can say we didn't do everything to hook up with Bennett and Shaked. They made their choice, and now we're going to do what we should have in the first place.

Let me emphasize this. A few days before the deadline for submitting party lists for the previous elections, the New Right was exactly where it is now, if not a little bit higher. Ditto for the Union of Right Wing Parties. The two were at 9 and at 5, and today, they're at 8 and at 4.

Zehut was at 0.4, and now we're between 2 and 4, depending on the poll. In other words, we're at 5-10 times the strength we were at then, while both of those parties are less strong than they were then.

And once they're merged, they'll lose votes. Because a lot of people who voted for Bennett and Shaked will *never* give their vote to Peretz and Smotrich. And a lot of people who voted for Peretz and Smotrich (and Ben Gvir) will *never* give their vote to Bennett and Shaked. That's how unifying mismatched parties causes votes to be lost.

The New Right failed to pass the threshold because their supporters were largely Likudniks who didn't like Bibi, and when Bibi called, they came running.

Zehut failed to pass the threshold because we hadn't made it clear enough that we will *never* help make a leftist government. That's been fixed. That alone, had we done it before the last election, would have put us comfortably over the threshold.

Zehut also failed to pass the threshold because thousands of our young supporters honestly didn't believe their vote would make that much of a difference. So rather than burn an entire vacation day traveling to their polling place (which is rarely where they actually live), they just skipped it. Here too, if they'd known they had the option of voting at local accessible ballot boxes, that alone would have put us over the threshold with votes to spare.

Just those issues alone, when fixed, will result in Zehut succeeding this time.

But to add to that, we've fixed the mistake we made by talking about "separation of religion and state", when what we actually meant was "separation of religion and *politics*". We're not focusing as much on cannabis, though everyone knows we haven't changed our position on legalization.

There are some people who will yell that they can't vote for us because we're running alone. But I believe that once they have a chance to think about what their actual choices are, they'll change their minds.

We offer liberty. The 3 headed monster Shaked has assembled does not.

We offer prosperity. The 3 headed monster Shaked has assembled does not.

We offer security and victory. The 3 headed monster Shaked has assembled does not.

We respect the voter. The 3 headed monster Shaked has assembled does not.

Be a part of a historic change. Go to http://bit.ly/Zehut_Hit and sign up to become a member of the party that's going to change everything.


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