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Shaked is Endangering the Continued Rule of the Right Wing

Ayelet Shaked is endangering the rule of the right.

After all this big union, we got the old Bayit Yehudi, more Nationalist Haredi than ever.

There’s one party that represents the sane and liberal right – te Zehut Party.

We are at a great starting point and without competition from the New Right.

This morning I was interviewed by Yinon Magal and Ron Kaufman on 103 AM. You’re welcome to listen.

Transcript of the interview with Yinon and Kaufman

Yinon: Shalom Moshe Feiglin

Moshe: Shalom Yinon, Shalom Kaufman. What's this business of calling him Kof (monkey)?

Yinon: I call him Kofele. You can call him Kofele, too. It's a pet name because he's cute.

Moshe: Okay.

Yinon: What's happening?

Moshe: Excellent, excellent.

Yinon: What "Excellent"? Sure, "excellent". Let's...

Moshe: You know, Yinon, they've stopped me a million times, up until now, in the middle of a sentence. But they've never stopped me in an interview before already at the first word.

Yinon: Listen, I want truth in advertising. Seriously, what's excellent? Come on, tell me. The situation isn't simple.

Moshe: Let me explain to you for a minute what's excellent. Because truly, "there's no joy like the resolution of doubts". I mean, what happened? After all this great spin about the new union, the great union on the right, we've gone right back to the old Bayit Yehudi, with one difference. Instead of Shuli Mualem, we have Rabbi Peretz. Way to go! In short, the Bayit Yehudi, more Nationalist Haredi than ever, with the New Right passed on, may its memory be a blessing, if you like, that gave us such trouble in the last elections, no longer exists. Now it's abundantly clear that there's only one party that really represents the sane right wing, the liberty-loving right wing, the liberal right wing, and that's Zehut. If ithe Zehut Party isn' there, God forbid...

Kaufman: The Zehut Party, just for those who don't know, is Iskhya Biyasusu.

Moshe: If the Zehut Party isn't there, 3 or 4 seats will be thrown to Gantz, or maybe to Lieberman, because they won't find a place in the Likud or this Nationalist Haredi group.

Yinon: You're saying that even though you wanted to join with the New Right and to run as a joint list, there's a silver lining that right wingers who don't want to go with Bibi don't have anyone to vote for. In other words, they aren't...

Moshe: That's certainly correct...

Yinon: Nationalist Haredi or religious or the like. That's what you're saying.

Moshe: That's certainly the right thing for maximizing votes in the right wing camp. Netanyahu really wanted that. Bennett wanted it as well. Netanyahu's spokesman Riklin explained this well. Shaked has... Shaked apparently...

Yinon: By the way, I know Riklin a little, and I think that defining him as Netanyahu's spokesman after his attacks on him recently isn't accurate, but it doesn't matter.

Moshe: No, but he explained his rationale well. Shaked, apparently, is only interested in Shaked. What we're seeing on the bulletin boards about Gantz is apparently also true about Ayelet. Ayelet is also only interested in Ayelet, for her own reasons. And the situation that's been created, from Zehut's perspective, is an excellent opening, because we've already passed the threshold in two serious polls on Channel 13. And now, without that competition against that annoying spin machine that's called... that was called the New Right, the reality is... let's say it like this. The stars are lining up in our favor, or however you'd put it. Kaufman: Moshe, I really have to... I haven't heard the statement from you that they taught me just in the last few weeks: "Your destroyers and those who made you waste will go forth from you" Why don't you just say that the New Right was just an illusion? That simply won't be anything. I also see a little bit of racism there. I don't see a single Mizrachi Jew there. As far as I'm aware, they're about 50%...

Yinon: So not the New Right. You're talking about the new union.

Kaufman: The whole new union. The New Right, ...

Yinon: It's not even clear yet what they're calling it. The Special Right?

Kaufman: The whole thing is that it's not the Likud. In other words, everything else is just a few good Ashkenazi folks with mustaches and flannel shirts. Yinon: What, Peretz is Ashkenazi?

Kaufman: Who?

Yinon: Peretz.

Kaufman: He's a nice Mizrachi. You didn't know that? Yes, Moshe?

Moshe: Listen, the truth is, Kaufman... I don't know what to tell you. I have a lot of problems with them, but that one, I have to admit that I never thought of it. I don't use that lightly because I don't completely understand it, but bottom line, we're talking about about a Nationalist Haredi party in its entirety. More Nationalist Haredi than its source, which was the Bayit Yehudi.

Yinon: Despite the fact that it's being led by a secular woman.

Moshe: Exactly. One who's hiding behind a graceful mask. The graceful mask of Ayelet Shaked.

Yinon: What about... haven't they negotiated with you about this bloc?

Moshe: Listen. Listen well.

Kaufman: They don't matter to them.

Moshe: The moment Ayelet Shaked entered the picture... no, it isn't a that we don't matter to them. We certainly matter to them. But they don't want us. They didn't open negotiations even though we were open to them for the past month and a half. They created a reality in which it's already impossible now, because they've basically filled all the slots finally in a signed agreement. So please, anyone talking about who wanted unions and who didn't want unions, how did you put it? "Your destroyers and those who made you waste will go forth from you". Ayelet Shaked, for her own reasons, is endangering, seriously endangering, the continued rule of the right wing, and honestly, what's needed now is to rally around Zehut so that Zehut can get in with a lot of seats and bring those votes back, instead of letting them run off to Lieberman and Gantz.

Yinon: What about your list? Are there new people? Who is on the list? Who are the top four?

Moshe: In the top four, first of all, there's Gilad Alper, who really represents true liberalism, the open market... all those ideas of getting the State out of our business. He represents them well. We have Dr. Ronit Dror...

Yinon: Yes, I understand that he's amazing, and that he's been courted by other parties. That's what I've heard; I don't know. Okay, go ahead.

Moshe: He's certainly amazing, and he's definitely in Zehut. This is a man who won in the Zehut Open Primaries in first place, after me.

Yinon: He was in the banking system, no? Where is he from?

Moshe: He's a senior economist in one of the biggest companies in the market today. And in the third slot is Dr. Ronit Dror, with all the social issues, with all the issues of dealing with the weaker segments of the population in Israel.

Yinon: You're wrong about her, Kof. She represents the men who have been weakened by libels and the like.

Moshe: That's right. The whole issue of divorced fathers and the horror they go through.

Yinon: Okay, so that's the third.

Kaufman: What do the polls say, Moshe?

Yinon: But who is the fourth?

Moshe: Fourth place is going to be, and here I'm giving you the first announcement, for the first time I can tell you that in our fourth place will be Arcady Mutter, representative of our Russian speaking population. We really intend to bring back Russian votes from Lieberman. There's a lot of curiosity in the Russian speaking community about Zehut, and we're going to bring votes that trickled away to Lieberman back to the right wing...

Yinon: You're running no matter what, Feiglin?

Moshe: Just to answer Kaufman's question again, in two large polls on Channel 13, we've already passed the threshold. We're running, and we're going to win, with God's help. And we're going to bring the message of liberty and identity to the People of Israel.

Kaufman: How many... you'll probably get three ministries, because, you know, there's going to be prosperity afterwards.

Moshe: We're looking at...

Yinon: Where are you getting this optimism from after the last failure? Tell me. Kaufman: That also cost you millions.

Moshe: You know, in all honesty, I'm telling you, Yinon, that's a good question. And I get that strength from people... it's simply unbelievable the kind of support I'm getting. I could tell you amazing stories... I could tell you about a man who a moment before his death called his children and told them, "Don't leave Feiglin." Do you believe what I'm telling you now? It sounds like a fable. But that happened, too. That happened, too, in the past week or two. Kaufman: But do you have time to write another book, Moshe?

Yinon: [laughing] What's the connection?

Moshe: You know, I've written a number of books, and I'm also writing a Sefer Torah every day, and my book is being written all the time...

Yinon: What, you're writing a Sefer Torah?

Moshe: Yes, that's one of the things I do every day.

Yinon: What does that mean, to write a Sefer Torah?

Moshe: Like a scribe. You know, you write...

Yinon: Oh, you're writing a Torah, like a scribe.

Moshe: Yes.

Yinon: Oh, okay. Interesting.

Moshe: I have two hobbies. One is riding my bicycle, and the other is writing this Sefer Torah. And both of them really give me what I have. I have to go into public activities relaxed.

Yinon: Moshe Feiglin, Zehut. Thank you for talking with us, Moshe. Good luck.

Moshe: Thank you.

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