• Moshe Feiglin, Zehut Chairman

Zehut is Bringing Politics of Content (video)

Transcript of interview with Yishai Shenrav on Galei Tzahel (IDF Radio).

Yishai: And we're opening first with politics. Moshe Feiglin, Chairman of the Zehut Party, shalom, good morning.

Moshe: Good morning, Yishai.

Yishai: Did you see the photos yesterday of the union between Rabbi Rafi Peretz and Ayelet Shaked? They want a big union on the right. Is the Zehut Party going to join this union at some point?

Moshe: I wish them luck. A union of this sort, which is a very incoherent union, with Nationalist Haredim on one side andliberals on the other side all mixed together, means sending 3 or 4 mandates directly into the open arms of Lieberman, and maybe Gantz as well, from all sorts of right-wing-lite people, secular people, liberals, and the like. I think it's a mistake. Netanyahu understood this. Bennett understood it as well. We reached out to the New Right for the past month and a half in order to make a coherent connection, as was proper, but despite the fact that I personally brought in almost twice as many votes as either Ayelet or Naftali, who ran together, right? I ran by myself and earned a similar number of votes, Ayelet decided for some reason not to turn to me.

Yishai: Shaked didn't turn to you at all?

Moshe: Ayelet Shaked didn't engage in any negotiations with me, despite the fact that we were open, the Zehut Party was open, both publicly and personally, it was clear to everyone. And so, what's the expression? "There's no joy like the resolving of doubts". Zehut will run independently. We've already passed the threshold twice if I'm not mistaken, on Channel 13, in their polls, and there's more to come. And with God's help, the message of liberty, the great Liberty Camp that was established during the previous campaign will flourish, and will be in the Knesset.

Yishai: You know, passing the threshold in polls is one thing. Passing it in the elections is something else entirely. Who knows that better than you? Isn't it irresponsible to waste so many votes?

Moshe: I think the opposite is true. I think the only ones who didn't waste their votes in the last elections are those who voted for Zehut, because all the rest got more of the same for another term. You switched people, but you didn't switch ideas. You didn't give them a message or meaning.

Yishai: Yes, but if you voted for Zehut, you didn't switch people or ideas. What makes you think it'll be different in the coming elections?

Moshe: And here, you're really mistaken. It's true that last time you didn't get people in yet, but you planted the idea of liberty very deeply into Israeli society. Look how much Shaked and Bennett themselves are copying Zehut's ideas all of the time, even though for the most part, they have no intention of implementing any of them. And not just them, but other parties, from Netanyahu to Ehud Barak. Everyone is tearing out a page from Zehut and quoting it. Politics of content, a message of substance, a new vision - only Zehut is bringing these. And those who have tasted it can't break free, as they say. There were very many who were convinced that we'd already passed the threshold and were already the surprise of the elections, and so they ran to save other parties. This time, they won't make that mistake, and with God's help, Zehut will be in the Knesset in a big way.

Yishai: Yes, wait a moment, there are still three days less 12 hours before the lists are closed. If you were to get a call from Ayelet Shaked, who hasn't called you up until now, what would you do?

Moshe: I really don't see what she could offer now, after that whole busy month of negotiations. We aren't getting mixed up any more. Zehut is running, and we will get in. Everything will be okay. Don't worry. The message of liberty, Zehut's message of liberty, won't be extinguished, and we'll get in, with God's help.

Yishai: But if she offers you, for example, to come and be number 3 on the list, or even number 2 on the list? The main thing being that the votes of Zehut voters not go - maybe - to a dangerous place, and will be grouped together with right-wing voters. In a technical bloc. Then yes?

Moshe: Look... Zehut is running independently. And we will get in. We've already passed the threshold twice in polls on Channel 13, and we haven't even started our campaign. We're no longer playing this game of waiting and strategy that's intended to take the wind out of our sails in order to leave us at the last minute without the ability to maneuver. Zehut is running, and we will win.

Yishai: But listen, you... since the last elections, there've been a lot of conflicts within your party. Your number 2 left. And you don't have the same energy you did in the last elections.

Moshe: First of all, that's completely incorrect. Number 2 is Gilad Alper, and he certainly hasn't left. And that's a message too...

Yishai: No, Rav Amsalem.

Moshe: Rav Amsalem wasn't number 2. Rav Amsalem was a technical bloc. A very dear man, but this time, that bloc isn't happening. That was our decision; it had nothing to do with conflicts within the party. And at the end of the day, it turns out that the Zehut Party is a party of substance. It's not some sort of vessel for this or that person to run on. It's a party with thousands of members, with primaries, with open primaries...

Yishai: You canceled the primaries because you were the only candidate.

Moshe: Why are you saying things that aren't correct, Yishai? That's simply not true. In the short time that these elections forced on us, we didn't have time for the amazing process of open primaries. But the Zehut Party is a party of substance, with primaries, open primaries... procedures that no other party has. The most democratic of the parties, the most open party in Israel. And we have more yet to come, with thousands of members. Really, with astounding processes, and a great message. Yishai, there's a message here that we cannot take away from the Israeli public. We'll run, and we'll get in, and we'll move Israeli society forward, as we're already doing.

Yishai: And you'll run independently.

Moshe: We'll run, and we'll get in, as a significant number of the polls are already showing, and we have more to bring, yes.

Yishai: Moshe Feiglin, Chairman of the Zehut Party, thank you.

Moshe: Thank you


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