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  • Moshe Feiglin, Zehut Chairman

Zehut and The New Right

Naftali Bennett is a man of many achievements and merits. The connection between Zehut and the New Right is a true connection that may eventually constitute the core of a new Israeli Republican Party – a coherent combination of nationalism and liberalism, identity and liberty. For me, the root of the dispute is not who will lead, but rather what will lead – my clear vision, or Naftali’s rich political experience. In my opinion, given the directionless Israeli reality, the answer is clear. Moving the question to a quick decision by the public through open primaries is the right way to enhance the power of this joint venture. This is how decisions are made in truly democratic parties – in cultures where the citizen is indeed the sovereign. Making ultimatums is not our way, and we’re sorry that this is what was presented in the media. But the window of opportunity for primaries is about to close, and it’s proper that the public know this. I call on my friend Naftali Bennett, whose qualities I’ve recently had the privilege of getting to know, to bring this message to Israel as well.

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