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  • Moshe Feiglin, Zehut Chairman

A new party of nothing

I listened just now to the dramatic announcement by a retired chief of staff and a retired deputy chief of staff about the establishment of a new party in Israel. Neither of them even made an effort, not even a hint, to say exactly what they were offering – in economics, education, health – not even security... It’s hard not to agree with at least some of their criticism of Netanyahu, but what is he offering, this man who gave Arafat the whole country and brought us war? What is his deputy offering, who detected processes of Nazism in Israeli society, no less! And was offended by those who criticized him... What is being offered by the standard-bearers of the ideology of Oslo, that turned the State of Israel into a hostage of the PLO terror organization? Nothing. Simply nothing. Nor do they feel any need to do so. In the winter of 2019, there was a party here that did exactly the opposite, that detailed and detailed and detailed exactly what could and should be done. A party that aroused hope and not hatred. But they were all intimidated by this, and fear overcame hope. Zehut is not going to succumb to cynicism and intimidation. Because without Zehut, what has been, will be, on both the right and the left. They don’t say anything because they have nothing to say. All that remains is hate and disgust, and they just play that over and over. All the streams of cynicism flow down to the political sea, and the sea isn’t full... But we will be there and we will once again kindle respect for the voter, respect for his intelligence. We will be there, and we will rekindle hope.

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