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  • Moshe Feiglin, Zehut Chairman

Zehut: On our way

When they announced that we were going to go to 2019 elections, take two, after a difficult and intensive election campaign, we knew that despite the fatigue, the flame of the hope for liberty was still burning in all our hearts. And so, of all the parties, only Zehut immediately returned to the field! Dozens of booths are operating throughout the country on Fridays. We've already begun meetings with activists in various cities (yesterday we were in Afula and Haifa); we've gathered for meetings of branches and special interest groups and begun intensive and significant activity.

This direct encounter with the people on the ground is extremely important on the road to success! We already have wonderful Zehut ambassadors in the field, and there are other places waiting for you to come and spread the message of Zehut. If you, too, are part of that special group of people who have come to change the reality in Israel – for their own sake and for the sake of all Israeli society – come and volunteer and complete Zehut's journey to the Knesset.

Just come 🙂 You can choose between a wide range of fields – Thank you!

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