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  • Moshe Feiglin, Zehut Chairman

The cost of stolen identity

How much does it cost us - in monetary terms - when they steal our identity? The pinnacle of the struggle against the Jewish identity of the state was the Oslo Accords. I'm not the only one who says this. The architect of the Oslo Accords, Dr. Ron Pundak, admitted it, when he said that, "Peace is not an end in itself. It is a means of moving Israel from one era to another... The 'Israelization' of society in place of its 'Judaization'." ("The National Religious Public and the Israeli-Palestinian conflict" - Middle East Crisis Group Report #147, page 35, note 225) And how much have the Oslo Accords cost us up until now? In the two decades since the signing of the accords, you have paid more than a trillion shekels for Rabin and Netanyahu's hugs with Arafat. More than a trillion shekels. You heard that right: More than a trillion. A trillion is a thousand billion. A trillion is more than twice the entire state budget. A trillion is a free home for every young couple. A trillion is roads and hospitals and far less in taxes, and salaries that stay in our pockets without the government hurrying to mug us. And small businesses that, rather than being crushed along with their unfortunate employees, are permitted to breathe and develop. A trillion shekels would let a lot of young people remain here, instead of seeking their future in Portugal. But, you know, today we have to put out fires in the south And build walls in the ground And iron domes And separation fences And concrete barricades And pay for guards at every mall and every train and bus station And chase balloons And lots and lots of police and border police... That's what we pay in order to be Israelis instead of Jews, rather than Israelis because we are Jews. Battling our identity - "Israelization in place of Judaization" - costs a lot of money. And we haven't even gotten to the spiritual price... We can no longer allow fear to triumph over hope. We're bringing back security We're bringing back the money We're bringing back liberty We're voting Zehut. ** A link to the full report on the cost of the Oslo Accords from the Zehut platform can be found at

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