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  • Moshe Feiglin, Zehut Chairman

The defense budget

Netanyahu abandoned the economy to Finance Minister Kahlon - who has been taking good care of the pressure groups and cronies, just the way they learn to in the Likud Central Committee. They say it's "for society"... The bill for this huge deficit is going to be paid now by the truly weak, like those who worked in one of the 44,500 small businesses which closed in 2018 alone, because this economy of cronies and partisans squeezed them to death. Now Netanyahu and Lieberman are telling us that we need to increase the biggest swamp of corruption - the defense budget. We need to cut the defense budget - not increase it! The IDF is bigger than ever in relation to its enemies. We need to shrink the IDF - in order to win! The IDF isn't short billions of shekels to be able to win. It's short billions of shekels in order to maintain its policy of containing the enemy, and thereby lose, rather than win... To build a wall into the land around Gaza, you need billions of shekels. To win, you need identity. To build a wall in the sky, a wall called "Iron Dome", you need billions of shekels. To win, you need identity. Because when you don't know who you are - you don't know who your enemy is. And when you don't know who your enemy is - you can't win. And when you can't win - the war doesn't end. And when the war doesn't end - peace can't begin. Without identity - you can't win. And then we need walls... ...that cost billions of shekels. Identity = Zehut

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