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  • Moshe Feiglin, Zehut Chairman

Zehut's mission

Shavua Tov. Zehut is open to connections with others. But it's important to make clear: Zehut wasn't created to warm seats. Zehut was created to bring a message, to create change, and to cast meaning into our national life. With or without a merger, we won't allow fear to triumph over hope this time! The hope for liberty that emanates from our Jewish identity is starting to beat in the hearts of the public. A huge change is starting to take place. Without Zehut, what has been will continue, and we're here to change that. But we can't do it without you. Join us for the great changes that Zehut is making and will make. We've only just begun! You're invited to watch a special video with Zehut candidates Ronit Dror, Dr. Raphael Minnes, Arcady Mutter, Adv. Libby Molad, and Gilad Alper. And join us here >>

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