• Moshe Feiglin, Zehut Chairman

Zehut, Gadi Wilcherski, and Bayit Yehudi

The real dispute Zehut has with Bayit Yehudi isn't whether it's proper for a Jew to circumcise his son - of course it is! It's about how to create a situation in which more Israelis come closer to tradition, to marry according to Jewish law instead of running off to Cyprus, to choose conversion according to Jewish law, and so on. Is the way to achieve this through legislation and coercion, or through dialogue and liberty? We believe that identity and liberty are interdependent. The reason the vast majority of Jews in Israel circumcise their sons is that they aren't forced into it. On the other hand, the frightening percentage of those who fly to Cyprus to get married is the direct result of coercion. So no, we aren't going to repudiate Idan Mor. Thanks to him, the 99% of Israelis who circumcise their sons know that they do so out of liberty and choice. And I have news for members of the Hardal (Nationalist Haredi) sector: The Creator doesn't go on vacation when elections are announced. The laws of lashon hora, gossip, embarrasing others, and slander don't suddenly get erased from the Torah. The representatives of that sector should show some self-respect and focus on the good in others, and not their flaws.


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