• Shai Malka, Director-General of Zehut

A big Likud means a government with the left.

Since the dispersion of the Knesset and the proclamation of elections for the 22nd Knesset, the Likud has been carrying out a campaign of lies and spreading the narrative that the reason there is no government now and that the State of Israel is going to elections is the 250 thousand votes that were "burned" in the elections as a result of Zehut and the New Right. The conclusion, say the Netanyahu campaigners and a journalist who writes on their behalf, is that there needs to be a big Likud, which won't depend on a natural coalition of partners on the right - and that way, we can be sure that a government will be established - by the Likud... Every lie has an element of truth in it, and the truth is that if Zehut was present in the Knesset, we would have been spared the saga of this repeat election, and Netanyahu would probably have headed a fairly stable coalition of 68-73 Knesset members, and been in a situation free of pressure, because no single party would have been able to topple his government... In such a situation, even Lieberman would have crawled quietly and submissively to the Netanyahu coalition, without all the muscle flexing at the expense of the Haredim. Well then, where is the lie? The lie is the implied conclusion. The call to vote for the Likud - because that's the only way to ensure the establishment of a nationalist government - is simply a crude lie. Any growth of the Likud will be at the expense of its natural partners in the national camp. This will lead to a situation in which the Likud is once more very large, but unable to form a nationalist government, simply because its proper partners won't pass the threshold. In such a situation, Netanyahu would have only one choice - to form a unity government with Blue and White, or parts of it, and/or to bring what's left of the Labor Party into his government - as he indeed tried to do just before the dissolution of the 21st Knesset. History also shows that the Likud and Netanyahu have always preferred such a government - which would spare him from carrying out nationalist policy, and serve as a shield against both the Israeli right and the elites, those arbiters of morality and legitimacy at Haaretz. The only way to achieve a nationalist government that also carries out nationalist policy is by reducing the power of the Likud and strengthening the parties to its right, which are truly committed to the values ​​of the national camp. Those who want a strong nationalist government must understand that a large Likud will lead to a leftist government. Albeit led (perhaps) by Netanyahu, but it will function and carry out left-wing policy just as it did when we had Netanyahu-Barak, Netanyahu-Livni, Netanyahu-Lapid... Don't buy the Likud's spin. Only Zehut is truly faithful to the values ​​of the right - in security, in the economy, in civil liberties, in the political sphere, and in the protection of the Land of Israel. In the elections of 2019 - take two - we aren't going to let scare tactics and spin defeat hope! #הפעם_זהות! #This_time_Zehut! משה פייגלין Moshe Feiglin


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