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  • Moshe Feiglin, Zehut Chairman

The biggest worry

What are you most afraid of? What worries you the most? Hamas? Hezbollah? The infiltrators? Public transportation on Shabbat? Drafting Haredim? LGBT rights? None of these answers is right. What worries most Israelis is a phone call from the bank... Because even though Israel is flourishing economically, its citizens are living in a perpetual war of survival. Young people work several jobs for long hours. They miss their children and find it hard to pay exorbitant rent while they wait for an inheritance - so that they can start saving for a down-payment on a mortgage for a reasonable apartment at a price they can only imagine. What is driving young Israelis to Portugal is neither Hamas nor the Hareidim. It's that phone call from the bank which is chasing them away. So why isn't anyone talking about it? Why aren't parties offering solutions and asking for your vote? Why are we going to elections for the survival of the Netanyahu family or for some inexplicable sectoral hatred, instead of dealing with the real monster that's driving our children away? The answer is that the parties are all captives of the central-planning monster. They all feed off of it. Instead of demanding that the government be reduced, they want more portfolios and more offices - more state and more government! And then they stick you with the bill. That phone call from the bank... Only Zehut offers you a truly free market, one that will free your prosperity from the grasp of the inner circles and cronies and return it to the working population. Only Zehut - with Gilad Alper in the treasury - has a clear plan on how to turn Israel into an affluent country where you can actually live... ...and not just survive. Only Zehut dares to take care of the monster instead of becoming part of it. This is why the whole establishment is fighting Zehut. The Left, the Right, the Nationalist-Hareidi Rabbis, the Leftist Professors... And you, will you let their scare tactics bury your hope of liberty? We've received a second chance from G-d. Let's use it, big time. This time, we won't be afraid. This time, we're voting for Zehut!

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