• Adv. Iska Bina

When fear triumphs over hope

An open letter, heart to heart, to my brothers and sisters, the nationalist public in Israel. We stand and watch, we watch as your eyes open wide. We see you disconnected, shifting back and forth when the realization hits you, a realization that we have already internalized. We've been sold, all of us, as slaves, prisoners of war in the War of the "Right" and the "Left" in the War of Division, the War of Divide and Rule. Each side does to us as it will, and draws its vitality from this war in which we all lose. The land of Israel, with its ruins that are piling up at the rate of another Jewish home demolished per day. Jewish identity, which is marred by being used for dark political purposes and as a pawn by both sides. The advanced economy, where your only chance to buy an apartment in your country is in a lottery. Our blood, which has become cheap, and growing cheaper all the time in paralyzing terror, like ducks in a shooting range. They make sure to feed you fear and trembling about the left (remember '92??), a spoonful every day, and this fear gets you to eat and swallow everything along with that spoonful. The trampling of everything dear to you, the building freeze in areas of our land, the torture of our children, the armored vehicles to our enemies, the rockets on our towns, the burning of our fields, the loss of justice, the difficulty of finishing the month, the orphans and the widows, this time in Binyamin and that time in Sderot, the medicine for your children, the judicial discrimination against you (Khan al-Ahmar). When fear allows an election campaign to focus on one person This spoonful of fear allows an election campaign to focus on one person: Yes Bibi, no Bibi. Smoothing out all the rest, as if that were what mattered. As if all reality is drained into one person, upon whom all hopes hang, who is the essence of everything, and nothing else matters. Neither values ​​nor family, neither land nor state. Only Bibi. And then, when the intoxication with him passes, and it's too late to do anything, you are stunned. You look around in astonishment, and the bitter reality pulls the ground out from under your feet. I see more and more articles, columns, and posts expressing this awakening. Is Bibi even right-wing? Is he worthy of being called the leader of the right, given his actions? Finally, thank G-d, they are starting to deal with content, substance, reality. And then the cries of brokenness and soul-searching begin. You say- we fell asleep while on watch, they plundered us and our values, and no one said a thing. No one opened their mouth. So, beloved brothers and sisters, take another look at reality and you will see that there's someone who spoke, who cried out that the emperor had no clothes, who tried to open your eyes, who said that it was not the "Gush" that mattered - the Land of Israel, Jewish identity, individual liberty, those are what is important. And laboring, with sweat and tears, adding one brick after another, created an alternative. An alternative of substance, of values, of meaning, of vision. And here's the real soul-searching that needs to be done. Where were you? Did you lend a hand? Did you combine forces, trust, faith in the right way, brotherhood, to promote what we have in common and what unifies us? If you're honest, you already know the answer. Let's get together, talk, discuss, and argue The intensity of the resistance, the hatred and the contempt that was our lot, we who cried out all the time, who dared to look reality in the eyes, is hard to digest. And although it is sometimes exhausting and overwhelming sometimes, I refuse to get used to it. And now, with your eyes wide open, and reality is stronger than a thousand words of hate against us, I call on you, brothers and sisters, come! Let's get together, talk, discuss, and argue. Let's march together, brother to brother, and advance our values ​​and that which we dreamed of for two thousand years in this good land. We will lead the State of Israel from a Zionism of existence to the Zionism of purpose. Our hand is extended to connect with others, and we hope that we will find a partner, but whether we find one or not (after all, the other side has to want it, too), we will continue to do our job. We are committed to the 120,000 people who gave us their votes, and to the many others who, with G-d's help, will come as a result of this awakening to which we are now witness. With courage and faith, full of purpose and humility, we will continue to provide the State of Israel with an alternative. The spoonful of fear will return, stronger than ever, in the upcoming elections. They will try to feed it to you with all their might. Remember, you have a choice, a choice to refuse it politely. Tell them, this time we say no! This time we choose all that is dear and truly important to us! Come, be a part, shoulder to shoulder, giving us strength. Put aside the contempt and hatred for just a moment. This is the order of the day. ____ Adv. Iska Bina, Legal Advisor, Zehut Party, Head of the Torah with Identity department. Mother of six, resident of Ofra. This article originally appeared on the Srugim website: https://www.srugim.co.il/347588-על-ההתפכחות-ותוצאותיה-יסכה-בינה


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