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  • Moshe Feiglin, Zehut Chairman

What kind of right-wing are we?

The debate that has begun within the right wing on the question of whether Netanyahu is an asset or a burden really boils down to the question of what it means to be right-wing. What is the right-wing identity? Is it Netanyahu, the man, or is it a set of political and economic values? Netanyahu's willingness to place the core areas of domestic policy in the hands of radical leftists has begun to raise questions and bring up old issues among right-wing columnists (the embrace with Arafat, the vote for the disengagement). They have begun to wonder whether these two sources of identity - personality-based and ideology-based - are in conflict. Let me sharpen the question for you. If you're an ideological right-winger and vote for a party that didn't pass the threshold, then either way, you've won twice, because you didn't establish a leftist government, and you also don't bear responsibility for:

  • Paying "protection" to Hamas (after another humiliating defeat)

  • The destruction of more and more Jewish homes in Judea and Samaria

  • The transfer of armored vehicles to Abu Mazen

  • Ignoring the Supreme Court's decision to evacuate the illegal outpost of Khan al-Ahmar

And all of this is just since the elections... But if you are a personality-based right-winger who sees the right and the left as being like soccer teams - a personal matter, rather than an ideological one - and if you see the role of a leader as defeating the opposing team (the left) and the role of the people merely to applaud from the gallery, because winning is all it's about, then if you vote for a party that doesn't pass the threshold, you've endangered Netanyahu and the team, and this, of course, is unforgivable. The dominant right-wing view in Israel is personality-based - and this is its tragedy. Because when right-wing identity is based on personality rather than ideology, it will always be sacrificed on the altar of the leader's personal interest. If the left were in power today, those four examples I brought of contemporary left-wing policies would have resulted in the right taking to the streets. But such clear leftist policies, implemented without a trace of resistance, is only possible when the personality-based right is in power. The Liberty Camp established by the Zehut Party clearly possesses right-wing characteristics, both economically and politically. But Zehut's kind of right-wing isn't based on personalities, and therefore it isn't the kind that favors centralization, and deepening the state's grip on its citizens. Zehut's kind of right-wing is exactly the opposite. It stems from the Jewish view of liberty, which is translated into identity through, among other things, a modern conservative outlook and classical liberalism (libertarianism). We will never establish a leftist government. We will go with whoever the people choose to lead the national camp. But if they implement the policies of the left - if they harm the Land of Israel and the liberty of its citizens - we will create an alternative of identity and liberty - from the opposition.

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