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  • Moshe Feiglin, Founder of Zehut

What will win this time, fear or hope?

In the final days of the last election campaign, many forces united against us, leading to fear defeating hope. The short time since then has made it clear to everyone that when fear triumphs over ZEHUT's message of liberty, nothing changes, and nothing will change.

Not in economics Not in security Not in housing Not in education And not in health And certainly not in politics... What was, is, and will be. Had hope been victorious -- had ZEHUT gotten in -- there would be a government now.

  • The Ministry of Finance would have begun to lower the price of housing in actuality.

  • Young people who were already considering "relocation" would be giving their country another chance.

  • Ministry of Education staff would be gathering in advance of the start of the school year to begin integrating the voucher system (for example, allocating classrooms without a memo from the director-general).

  • Legalization of cannabis would have replaced the continued abuse of patients.

  • In the defense establishment, they would once more have heard the demand for victory, and ZEHUT's just and genuine political solution would be heard clearly.

  • And most importantly! Instead of people living at the expense of one another -- because the state divides us in order to rule us -- we would have begun living side by side, in brotherhood, with mutual respect, as seen in ZEHUT's amazing conferences and branches.

Do you understand? In the past few weeks, we have received a good demonstration of where choice from fear leads us.

And G-d has granted us a second chance.

Right now, the ZEHUT leadership is organizing with all its might so that the People of Israel won't be prevented this time from choosing --


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