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  • Moshe Feiglin, Chairman of Zehut

Should Israel Boycott the World Because of the Holocaust?

The truth is that in depth, World War II was the war of the world against the Jews. Hitler, may his name be blotted out, did not need territory. The territorial issue was secondary. From the first moment and until the end, the German angel of death unequivocally declared that the enemy was the Jews and that they were the target of the war. On the other side, both the Red Army and the Allies were not about to waste one bullet in order to stop the German death machine. Hitler understood the American (and most of the world’s) refusal to accept Jewish refugees very well.

In other words, there were those who physically destroyed the Jews and there were those who stood silently by and made it possible for it to happen. It was the war of the world against the Jews.

How should Israel relate now to all those countries? Should we boycott the entire planet?

Of course not.

Personally, I make every effort not to purchase German products. But it is clear to me that this is a personal decision and nobody can expect other individuals to follow suit. It does bother me, however, to see Israel’s heads of state and Knesset Members travelling in their official vehicles – made in Germany. There are more car manufacturers out there beside Audi.

Israel has to continue to conduct diplomatic and economic relations with all the nations of the world, Germany included. But along with those relations, Israel must respect its identity and history. We have to find the way to express that respect. Let private citizens drive any car that they like. But the Prime Minister, the ministers and the Knesset Members are not private citizens. They represent the Nation and the Nation must respect itself.

We do not have to hesitate to remind the US and England that they did not bother to bomb Auschwitz and that they sent Jewish refugees from the US and the shores of the Land of Israel back to the death machine in Europe. We do not have to hesitate to remind the French how the Vichy regime hunted Jews down and sent them to Auschwitz.

Israel has to conduct commerce with China, but must protest the oppression and organ harvesting of the Falun Gong that is taking place there right now – even if that will lead to a reduction in trade between the countries.

And more importantly, the State of Israel must stop allowing greedy Israeli generals to sell Israeli weapons to murderous regimes – regimes that use those weapons for genocide in our very days.

Being a Jewish country comes with responsibility.

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