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  • Moshe Feiglin, Chairman of Zehut

We are not Going Anywhere

Dear Friends,

It is clear that the concerted effort against Zehut made counting fraud on some of the votes for Zehut legitimate, and we see the results on the ground. Shai Malkah, Attorney Yiskah Binah and Michael Fuah are in the Knesset fighting for every vote with determination! But alongside this important battle, I would like to share with you my thoughts on the new reality.

I relate to the elections of 2019 as a rung in a ladder whose top rungs are much higher than just election to the Knesset. And when that is the perspective, it is clear that our campaign was a huge success.

120,000 Israeli citizens – despite the mudslinging, de-legitimization and de-humanization campaign against us – were not scared away and voted Zehut. Those 120,000 people are the new political base in Israel – a base of liberty.

Approximately an additional 150,000 people who, according to all the polls planned to vote Zehut but at the last minute were scared away and returned to their traditional voting patterns – will also be easy to connect to this base.

Real revolutions, deep revolutions – take time to ripen. One cannot approach the average Israeli with a platform book of 344 pages – a book that begins with the Beit Mikdash and ends with separation of religion and state – explain your approach of abundance instead of equality and your dream of peace based on winning and expect that a month later, under a barrage of cries of “gevalt” from all the established, enslaving institutions - that Israeli will smile a Feiglinesque smile and vote Zehut.

Nevertheless, our platform became a best seller. Nevertheless, we created a spectacular campaign, the pinnacle of which was 2500 people who gathered at Hangar 11 and sang our anthem at a supremely moving event. And in the end – 120,000 people overcame the walls of fear and voted for the freedom to be who they are. They voted for Zehut.

We are not going anywhere. The hope that we planted is a responsibility that we will not shirk. Now is the time to ascend from the energizing, steady rung that we created in the winter of 2019.

God (reality in secular lingo) has said two simple and clear things:

  1. You have touched upon something huge that nobody can ignore.

  2. You are a new fruit, still unripe. And the Nation is still not ripe to accept you.

The tree has to shed the unripe, content-less fruits that it has grown and make room for your majestic fruits.

And for that we need patience and determination.

If this is God’s will, then this is the very best.

We all did our best as we understood it, and we will continue to work hard.

Because we have no other Land.

We have no other State.

We have no other Jerusalem.

We have no other Nation.

We have no other family

We have no other children.

We have no other God.

We are not waiting for a moment.

We are getting organized immediately for the continuation. We will use the precious time that we received to ripen the fruit. We will explain, educate, convince – we will create more and more channels of communication. We will herald the message of liberty to every Israeli.

It will no longer be possible to suddenly shout that we are Nazis who want to eliminate Social Security and kill the handicapped. Nobody will buy those stories anymore because we will answer all the questions with the patience that not being in the midst of a campaign affords.

So if the message of liberty touched you and you want to volunteer to help or donate, click on the following links:

To volunteer:

To donate:מפלגת-זהות/zehut-party/

I love you all and thank you with all my heart,

Moshe Feiglin


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