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  • Moshe Feiglin, Chairman of Zehut

Nullify Oslo or Continue to Pay Protection and Suffer

The Israel that recognized with Oslo the existence of “another nation” in our Land, the Israel that recognized that its Biblical heartland belongs to that same “another nation” – and not to the Jewish Nation – does not and cannot have a solution for terror.

When both Rabin and later Netanyahu shook hands with the head of the Organization for the Liberation of the Entire Land of Israel from all its Jews (a.k.a. Arafat), they gave the terrorists the strongest weapon of all – the weapon of justice.

The Oslo Accords turned a gang of despicable murderers into freedom fighters, and the IDF into a colonialist army – and in the Western universities – even into a Nazi army.

It makes no difference how much we neuter our soldiers and endanger their lives in the hope for a pinch of legitimacy.

The fact that they attack our civilians by hiding behind their civilians will not help, either.

“True, it is not pleasant that they are killing you and that you are living under constant terror,” the Europeans say to us. “But don’t expect a nation that you have occupied and oppressed to play by the rules of the Geneva Conference. They were here before you. They are the indigenous population. You, the Zionists, are nothing more than an error on our part. The Balfour Declaration was a mistake. You are the new colonialists who have invaded the poor natives. So just get out of there. Get out of Gaza, get out of Sderot and get out of Tel Aviv. Rectify the mistake.”

That is why all the Lieberman-style blather about 48 hours to finish off the Hamas, and the automatic Right response - and the ridiculous Zandberg ideas like meetings in the Muqata and the automatic Left response - are all irrelevant.

As long as Oslo has not been nullified, as long as we are not able to truthfully say, “This is our Land” and restore the weapon of justice into our own hands, the only solution for terror will continue to be….payment of protection money to the terrorists.

#Ariel #terror

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