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  • Benny Toker, Arutz 7

Arutz 7: Feiglin: Shaked, who are you kidding?

Moshe Feiglin claims that Ben Ari's disqualification proves that nothing has changed, blasts Ayelet Shaked.

Zehut party chairman Moshe Feiglin told Arutz Sheva on Monday that the disqualification of Michael Ben-Ari by the judges of the Supreme Court shows that the legal revolution of Justice Minister Shaked has not proven itself.

"This is a stain on Israeli democracy. Even though I thought I had seen it all, I did not believe this could happen. This is a stain on the great success of Ayelet Shaked. After all, it is that same Judge Mintz, a resident of Gush Etzion whom the Justice Minister glorified as the great success of her revolution in the legal system, who also voted for this disgrace,” he said.

The campaign promises made by Minister Shaked are the same as the Zehut platform, claimed Feiglin. "Everything that Ayelet Shaked was suddenly quick to say this morning that she is going to do in the first 100 days of her next term is all an exact quote from the Zehut platform. A change in the method of appointing Supreme Court justices, a public hearing, the cancellation of the committee for the appointment of Supreme Court justices, a change in the status of the legal advisors, all of this in our platform."

Feiglin added that he does not buy Shaked's promises that she would complete the legal revolution in her next term in office. "Ayelet Shaked had four years to do this. Why are you telling us now that suddenly this is what you will do? Here is the judge who you yourself appointed joining the system and also voting for the disqualification of Ben Ari. Who are you trying to trick? You had four years to do exactly what you are saying you are going to do. Does anyone really believe that with the four seats she might receive, she will do as Justice Minister what she did not do for four years with much greater power?”

The method of “quiet change” has failed, Feiglin declared. "Stop thinking that with all kinds of secret and dark committees without protocols, it is possible to run a state and make it more Jewish and more loyal. In these places, the power of the systems that are not elected is stronger than that of the people. If we want to continue to be the same rabbit that tries to influence from within, we will continue to vote for those old parties that always fail at the critical moment,” he said.

Feiglin declared that he has proven that he has shown loyalty to his values ​​at the expense of his personal well-being and will lead to a visible change. "When I was in the Knesset as a ‘rebel’ member of the Likud, shortly after Binyamin Netanyahu decided to release hundreds of murderers, I announced that I was going to vote against the budget if he did so. Did Ayelet Shaked join me? An entire party could have joined me and prevent the release of terrorists. Not Ayelet, not Naftali [Bennett] and not anyone else joined me.”

The real change in the Supreme Court, in Feiglin’s view, will come only when the Supreme Court judges are elected by the people. "The problem is not one judge or another but to whom he is committed and whom he works for. This entire system by which the Court clones itself must disappear. The Supreme Court must be elected by the public through its representatives and create a range that faithfully reflects all members of the public. If you have today two thirds of the public on the right and one third on the left, more or less, that’s how the Supreme Court should look. And when the judges of the Supreme Court are elected by the public, they will also work for the public. Only if such a Supreme Court is made will the entire legal system and legal advisors work for the public and the state will return to the people. And since the people are Jewish and the people are mostly loyal, then we will have a Jewish culture and Jewish loyalty."

The Justice Ministry's office said in response, "Feiglin has spent 20 years in politics and has not done anything. He has only talked. He is taking votes from the right to a list of which half the members are left-wingers. Unlike him, Shaked in her four years as minister made a real revolution in the legal system, including the appointment of six Supreme Court justices, 330 different judges to all courts, changing the attitude of the judicial system to residents of Judea and Samaria and applying de facto sovereignty over eastern Jerusalem, Kfar Etzion and the Western Negev. Anyone who wants a right-wing government should be wary of a person who says that he is not interested in the least by a right-wing government.”

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