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Moshe Feiglin's New Book, "To Be a Free Jew" Making Waves

Shalom to the very dear Moshe Feiglin,

I feel a strong need to tell you about the intense day that I just had. For three days, I have been searching for a copy of your new book in the Tzomet Sfarim shops in my area. This morning, I finally found one store that had the book. I immediately went there and bought 25 books. I ran with the books to my family, friends and acquaintances and gave them the book for free. I feel that this is the least that I can do for our blessed party (with the emphasis on “our”!!). Over the past months, I have been convincing the people in my area to vote for ZEHUT. I have no doubt that the book will do the job well.

The very fact that I brought them the book and said, “Take the book and read it. This is the platform of my party,” shocked them. “A platform in a book? I have to read this!” I am sure that they will pass the book on to others.

I have no doubt that we will be the surprise of the elections. The ground is on fire and I feel it well in my city, Haifa.

With blessings for much success. I have the utmost admiration for your work.


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