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Moshe Feiglin at Protest Over Murder of Ori Ansbacher HY”D

At a protest Saturday night following the murder of 19 year old Ori Ansbacher by an Arab terrorist, Moshe Feiglin said the following:

"We are here tonight because we have to publicize what happened. We are here tonight because we are sick and tired of gag orders, silencing orders and denial orders. We are sick of the denial of the war that is being waged against us unilaterally. There is a direct line between the protection money that we are paying for the quiet in Gaza - after we were defeated with 500 missiles - and the gag order that is attempting to deny and silence the murder of Ori.

I will never forget the shiva of the family of Netanel Arami, my God avenge his blood. I went to pay a condolence call to the poor family in Lod. I entered an empty room - because the Shabak had spread word that the cause of the murder was apparently criminal. I had to fight to convince the police and security apparatus to admit that this was a nationalistic murder. Later I learned that there are about two hundred families here in Israel who know that their loved ones were murdered by Arab terrorists. But they are denied, they are silenced.

“Silence is slime,” said Jabotinsky. Do you hear there, in the ruling party? Silence is slime – and you are part of the slime. You empower the slime. We will not let you silence us. We will publicize, we will talk, we will not allow more murders and rapes and war under gag orders."


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