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Latest Poll Shows Likud Winning Election, Feiglin Breaking Threshold


FEBRUARY 1, 2019 04:12

Israel Hayom and i24NEWS released a poll indicating Prime Minister Benjamin Netanhayu’s Likud party winning 28 seats in the upcoming Knesset elections scheduled for April 9, thus retaining power. Benny Gantz’s newly formed Israel Resilience party would come in second with 19 seats and MK Yair Lapid’s Yesh Atid party would receive 9 seats, less then it currently maintains.

Moshe Feiglin’s Zehut party would pass the electoral threshold, the first time since the poll has been taken for this year’s election indicating the party’s success. Feiglin served as a Member of Knesset with Likud from 2013 – 2015 before forming his own party based on a more libertarian philosophy.

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