• Moshe Feiglin, Chairman of Zehut

ZEHUT's Dream Team

“It is worth my while,” I answered the journalists who asked me yesterday, the day of the ZEHUT Open Primaries, why I am allowing people who have not committed to vote for ZEHUT to rank our candidates for the Knesset.

“It is worth my while because ZEHUT’s platform and vision are directed at every Israeli, and not just at a particular sector or ideological niche. With this method, I will get excellent candidates, the paramount, high quality team that most represents Israeli society.”

And that is exactly what happened yesterday. The primaries gave us a dream team.

In first place, we have Economist Gilad Alper – our candidate for Finance Minister, the man who will ensure a truly free market that will channel the abundance to all of Israel’s citizens.

In second place, we have Dr. Ronit Dror – a courageous sociologist and a woman with rich social experience. She will help to safeguard the family in Israel and will fight the battle of fathers, mothers and children in the face of Israel’s juggernaut mechanisms of dismantlement.

In third place, we have Attorney Libby Molad, Zehut’s candidate for Education Minister. Libby is the woman who has been fighting all her life for the voucher method in schooling and the restoration of responsibility for children’s education from the State to the parents.

In fourth place we have Dr. Rafi Minnes, a physics lecturer, father of nine, a man of social involvement, volunteering and an avid activist in the liberal movement.

In fifth place, we have Albert Levi, a Zionist and distinguished intellectual, an international businessman, environmental activist and an authentic representative of new olim to Israel.

This is the face of our newly elected Knesset list. Joining the list will be Rabbi Haim Amsalem and his movement, who bring a healthy and refreshing spirit of Judaism that is embracing and connected to the entire Nation.

Get our ZEHUT campaign materials and together we will bring ZEHUT’s message to all of Israel’s citizens – and win these elections!

Results of the ZEHUT Open Primaries

1. Economist Gilad Alper

2. Dr. Ronit Dror

3. Attny. Libby Molad

4. Dr. Refael Minnes

5. Albert Levi

6. Shlomo Gordon

7. Arkadi Motor

8. Rabbi Dudi Spitz

9. Asya Entov

10. Dr. Nitza Kahane

11. Hagai Greentzeig

12. Tova Even Chen

13. Hagai Ben Ami

14. Nadav Halamish

15. Alex Elman



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