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Zehut Petitions High Court

The Zehut Party petitioned the High Court on Wednesday evening, on the grounds that the current formulation of the rules for the expenditure ceiling for campaign funding are adverse to Zehut’s Open Primaries.

The party petitioned the High Court with a request to recognize all those with voting rights in Israel as the potential voting body and to recalculate the funding ceiling for the candidates accordingly.

After the petition was served, Moshe Feiglin said:

“The Zehut Party introduces a new, innovative message to Israeli politics. It is a shame that the establishment attempts to prevent the entry of new, liberal and democratic ideas because of intellectual inflexibility. The comptroller’s stand does not allow a candidate to contact potential voters, and prevents the realistic possibility of running and of the candidate’s chance to be elected. This stand seriously harms the principle of equality, for only a candidate who is already known to the public will be able to run and to hope that the voters will know that he is running, or will be aware of the platform and policies that he would like to advance.”

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