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Zehut Primaries Empower All Israeli Citizens

“Zehut first gives, then requests your vote,” said Moshe Feiglin to Idan Kveller on the Knesset Channel in the video above.

Zehut gives all Israeli citizens political power that they never had, and is making it possible for them to rank its representatives for its Knesset list.

This means that we are turning Israel into a true democracy, as is accepted in truly free countries. Democracies in which the parliament member works for the voters, and not for the party cronies who chose him or her.

The pre-election frenzy is upon us. Everyone is talking about ‘who’ but not about ‘what’. How will they improve our lives, all those ‘who’s, who are competing with all their might for our votes, re-inventing themselves every morning.

‘What’ are they offering?

In Zehut, we are creating a new ‘what’. Even before the elections. First we are giving, and then asking for your vote. Open primaries in Zehut on January 29.

Click on cc for English subtitles

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