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Interview on Radio Tel Aviv: Will Zehut Pass the Voting Threshold?

The following are translated excerpts from Moshe Feiglin’s interview on Radio Tel Aviv.

Zehut is being left out of the polls. Is this a manipulation to get people not to vote for Zehut?

In two in-depth polls commissioned by two large parties, Zehut gets double digits. So the fact that we are not included in the simple polls does not reflect the reality. In a poll amongst Russian speakers, the purpose of which was to see if the Russian speakers would still be voting for Lieberman after his resignation, Zehut received one mandate. That is without even asking. If we get one mandate from 15% of the population, we will obviously get more mandates in general elections.

Does the fact that you are not included in the polls do damage to Zehut?

There are three parts to my answer:

  1. Of course, it does damage. The public is afraid to vote for us.

  2. It is fake news, political interests, like what happened to Trump. Polls work with models and Zehut does not fit into the models of Left and Right. It is hard for the polls to work with this, and they leave us out.

  3. Ultimately, the fake news worked well for Trump and I believe it will work for us. At a certain point, the truth comes out and creates momentum.

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