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Facebook Post: Leftist Voting for Moshe Feiglin

This Facebook post was written by Ron Tzafrir, who recently met with Moshe Feiglin:

Tzafrir, what is your connection with Feiglin?


So what do I think about Moshe Feiglin?

I am a leftist from years back. I sat in the HQ of Loba Eliav, I was an activist in Uri Avneri’s Olam Hazeh. Yes, as a young boy, but with solid opinions. I am a leftist. I live and breathe Left.

My Left is much more than love for Arabs, the label that the warmongers like to stick on my forehead. For me, Left is love of the human because he is human. Left for me is ‘live and let live’ and to believe that we are not evil from the day we are born. We learned to be like that at a later stage of life.

Because I am a leftist who loves life, I went to meet Feiglin.

For years now, Feiglin has been fighting for my life. For years he has raised the flag of personal liberty, of freedom and it is clear to me that without legalization, that is impossible.

Soon I will sit down to read Feiglin’s platform. Where he intends to take the Zehut party that he established. I am sure that I will not agree with 99% of the things written there.

Today, I am leaving the differences aside and am focusing on the single percent that we have in common: Cannabis and its release, the sanctity of life.

It is not easy for me to put years of differences aside, differences that are much more than an ideological gap.

When 80,000 Israelis like me are waiting for somebody to step up to the plate and channel all of our anger and fury in the direction of the decision makers, I couldn’t care less about ideological gaps. We will triumph and I don’t care if that success comes with a political price tag.

Feiglin will be elected and I will get to live. What’s wrong with that?

I know that Feiglin benefits from the connection between us. That on the list of plusses and minuses we will be the red carpet that will lead him to the Knesset. And if you break out in a rash from the connection between us – it’s fine if you itch a bit. When I finish saving my life, I will come to help you with the itching.

Feiglin does not have to prove to me that he keeps his word as a politician. He sacrificed his Knesset seat last time for the principles in which he believes.

Now he is promising that he will not enter a coalition that will not declare legalization, that will not free cannabis for us all. I hope I will not have to eat my hat.

I also don’t care that he wants to rebuild the Beit Hamikdash, even though I don’t agree with him on the location, and certainly not on the animal sacrifices. The Jewish Temple has to be located in a different place and it has to be a vegetarian Beit Mikdash. Instead of animals, they should throw all types of cannabis flowers on the altar.

The Levites and God will thank you. No more droughts here.

And seriously:

Feiglin has what to say on the topic.

His analysis of the situation is fresh.

Medical cannabis is not only a task for him. It is also part of his routine at home. He knows the suffering, he goes through the trepidation like all of us – that perhaps the medical authorization will not be renewed.

The public should know what we heard today and judge for itself. I would write the main points, but Feiglin will do it much better than me.

Feiglin, you are welcome to write the details.

From Zehut’s platform on medical cannabis:

Removing Restrictions on Medical Cannabis Treatment

Many studies have shown that cannabis may be useful in treating severe symptoms such as pain, depression and loss of appetite. Many patients treated with cannabis indicate improvement in symptom relief and quality of life. Other drugs do not help some patients to the same extent, or cause them serious side effects. However, there are exceptional limitations on the medical use of cannabis in Israel. Unlike other drugs, which can be prescribed at the discretion of the attending physician, the license to use cannabis can only be given by the Medical Cannabis Unit at the Health Ministry – the MCU. The MCU can reduce the dose recommended by the physician, or simply deny the request. In addition, there is a very limited list of diseases and health phenomena for which treatment with medical cannabis is authorized. These extraordinary restrictions have nothing to do with medicine – they exist only to prevent leakage of the drug into the private market.

Zehut will eliminate the Medical Cannabis Unit and the list of diseases authorized for treatment with medical cannabis. The license to use medical cannabis will be given by the physician at his sole discretion. The decision regarding medical cannabis therapy shall consider only the medical needs of the patient, and not considerations of enforcement or other extraneous considerations.

Allowing export of medical cannabis

In Israel, there are companies that grow medical cannabis, known worldwide for their unique knowledge and skills. If growing companies are permitted to export their product, they will be able to compete successfully in the international market. The export will create profits for the growing companies that will allow them to invest in research and development, generate tax revenues for the State of Israel, and respond to the medical needs of millions of patients worldwide.

Zehut will enable growers to export cannabis for medical purposes, according to the law in the target countries and the international conventions signed by Israel.


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