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  • Moshe Feiglin, Chairman of Zehut

The Freedom to Use Cannabis is a Basic Human Right

Cancer patients in Israel are dying because of the State’s obstinacy to keep the keys to the only medicine that will help them – cannabis – in its own hands.

I know from experience that cannabis helps. I have seen that with my very own eyes and one thousand ‘expert’ doctors, representatives of the establishment, who will go to one thousand boring meetings in the Knesset and once again employ the cynical and evil claim that “We don’t have proof that it helps”, do not interest me and will not make me change my mind. It is none of their business if it helps or not. Being able to do whatever one can to heal himself is a basic human right.

I have reached the conclusion that it is not possible to separate medical cannabis from freeing up cannabis to the entire population.

The system is attempting to control general consumption. To accomplish that goal, it abuses the dying. It is impossible to simultaneously press on the gas pedal and the brakes. General and medical consumption are connected and no reform will manage to create the separation.

Free up cannabis. That is what must be done. Legalize it in an orderly fashion, like in Canada. No need to fear; cannabis is not harmful like cigarettes and not addictive like alcohol. It will certainly not be harmful if it is sold in an orderly fashion in the drug stores.

I would like to publicly announce the following:

  1. Zehut is committed to legalization in the upcoming Knesset. Any political agreement that we make will be conditional on legalization.

  2. A person fighting for his life does not have to surrender and die because of the cynical and evil regulations, the purpose of which is to give the State control over the lives of the citizens. Someone who will break the law and find the way to acquire the medicine that he needs, subsequently running into trouble with the system, will receive our full backing and aid.

#cannabis #Canada

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