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  • Moshe Feiglin, Chairman of Zehut

An Orphaned Sector has Lost its Human Rights

Even if only one percent of this story is true, the government should fall and all the commanders responsible for this horror should go to jail.

You won’t be hearing today about the apparent gang rape that was apparently perpetrated by Border Police criminals in uniform upon a young mother who was forcefully separated from her small children. It won’t be on the Yael Dayan show, Keren Noibach will not be talking about it on her radio spot and it won’t be brought up by any other broadcasters or women demonstrating today against violence and sexual harassment.

Because the woman who, according to her testimony, was stripped completely naked and forced to remain to in front of the laughing criminals in uniform, the woman who became an object for “souvenir photos” taken by the criminals in this “entertaining” horror- has no human rights in Israel.

Only after the bulldozer completed the destruction of her home at the Geulat Tzion hilltop and only after the last entertained male had left the area, was this poor woman allowed to put her clothes back on.

Of course, the Border Police spokesman categorically denies the entire accusation, claiming that the entire home destruction is photographed and documented.

The credibility of the Border Police spokesman is similar to that of the IDF spokesman. (In other words, you are better off listening to the Hamas or Hezbollah spokesman instead of wasting your time listening to these propagandists).

As is the nature of liars, the Border Police spokesman is attempting to deflect the accusations by focusing on racist epithets that the woman apparently shouted at the Border Police. (This may be true. But so what? Does that justify stripping her in public?).

I listened again and again to the testimony that this poor woman gave to Attorney Itamar Ben Gvir and media personality Sharon Gal (and I salute them for that). We also had a long conversation with her husband.

Yesterday, I sent a letter to Border Police Chief Yaakov Shabtai informing him that as long as I will not see the Border Police documentation that is in his hands – real documentation, uncensored and uncut – documentation in which the victim is in the frame for the entire length of the event and there is nothing there that would be in line with her description – I will continue to believe her version.

Don’t hold your breath. The Border Police will never release the documentation without censoring and editing it first. Because to our horror, it appears that the settler is telling the truth.

I believe this woman because I have already seen this despicable conduct in the past.

An orphaned sector of the public has lost its human rights. No law protects it. The political parents of the hilltop settlers are of course, Bennett and Shaked. But they are part of the establishment Religious Zionists, who turn their backs on them.

Obviously, the media and State Prosecution will not help them. And so the lives of the settlers and their honor are worthless.

A radical Arab will always get the backing of Ahmad Tibi.

A radical leftist or a Sudanese immigrant will never be condemned by Meretz leader Tamar Zandberg.

Because those politicians are not starving for legitimacy.

But the Jewish Home will always be hungry for legitimacy.

That is why the hilltop youth are thrown out of their natural camp, losing their basic human rights and turning into easy targets for the animalistic behavior that bursts forth in extreme situations.

It is fine to torture them for no reason – Bennett and Shaked even encouraged it.

It is fine to harass their wives and to humiliate them, as no organized force would dare do to Arabs or African immigrants.

I understand the situation, I see how it develops from all directions, I have a bit of life experience on this issue and so – I believe the woman.

Just to remind you:

The Public Security Minister is Gilad Erdan, Likud.

The Defense Minister is Binyamin Netanyahu, Likud.

The Deputy Defense Minister is Rabbi Eli Ben Dahan, Jewish Home.

The Justice Minister is Ayelet Shaked, Jewish Home.

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