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  • Moshe Feiglin, Chairman of Zehut

I Oppose Public Transportation Any Day of the Week

“Will you support public transportation on Shabbat?” Yuval Karni asked me yesterday on the Knesset Channel. “I oppose public transportation on weekdays, as well,” I answered.

It is not the State’s job to transport people. That is the job of the private sector and it will always do its job more effectively and at lower cost.

Did the privatization of Israel’s airline, El Al and opening the skies to competition result in more expensive flights? To less flights?

Israel needs a combination of:

-Opening the market to ridesharing (like Uber) combined with:

-Significant reduction of taxation and licensing of taxis (to allow competition) together with opening the gates to autonomic vehicles, which are already on the roads in some states in the US.

All of these factors will produce a more effective solution for transportation on any day of the week.

Click here for Zehut's platform on transportation

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