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  • Moshe Feiglin, Chairman of Zehut

Why Does Finance Minister Kachlon Want Elections ASAP?

Why does Kachlon want early elections? He will probably lose some seats, and he knows it.

That is true. However, as time passes, his failure at Israel’s economic helm will become more and more obvious.

Kachlon turned the construction contractors into the enemies of the people (just like Maduro did in Venezuela). His restrictions sent Israeli real estate investors to Berlin and Warsaw, the cost of apartments has risen 15% since he took office and the number of new housing starts has plunged. This ensures an ever-widening gap between supply and demand for housing and an additional rise in costs.

No lotteries or economic alchemy of our “social” Finance Minister will help.

The weak, in whose name Kachlon speaks, will continue to work the longest hours in the West, earn the least and pay the most – in order to pay for the salaries of cronies and the well-connected.

The chance for a young couple to buy their own home is fading. But they will continue to work to fund the one million State workers and the budget-funded pensions of the well-connected.

Kachlon understands that his failure is being revealed. That is why he wants elections as soon as possible.

Zehut has a better solution for the economy:

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