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  • Moshe Feiglin, Chairman of Zehut

Any Difference Between Netanyahu and Bennett?

There is no difference between Netanyahu and Bennett, except for the mental dependence of the latter upon the former.

Bennett lied when he said that he stopped the release of terrorists. When Netanyahu decided to release hundreds of terrorists, I announced that I would vote against the state budget. Neither Bennett nor anybody from his party joined me in the move and left me to carry out my threat alone.

Bennett and his Jewish Home party abstained from Agudat Yisrael Litzman’s Jerusalem bill, which proposed that prior to any negotiations over Jerusalem , 80 MKs would have to authorize the talks with their signature. Once again, Bennett and his friends left me alone – the only MK in the coalition - to vote in favor of the bill.

Bennett completely cooperated with the process of handing the Negev over to the Bedouins (the Prower Committee).

Bennett encouraged the torture of the hilltop youth for no reason.

Bennett does not have – and never had – any diplomatic or security approach that is different than Netanyahu’s. They are both equally opportunists.

Bennett is responsible for the security fiasco as much as Lieberman and Netanyahu. If he would have put the keys on the table and announced that he would resign and bring the government down if the cabinet would decide on a ceasefire, he would have vindicated himself. But he conducted himself just like Netanyahu, who voted in favor of the Expulsion from Gush Katif and then resigned from the Sharon government. Like Netanyahu, Bennett chose to act despicably and then attempt to create an illusion of determination.

The State of Israel does not need another tactical wizard (with the addition of a kippah on his head). The best one has already been at its helm for 20 years.

Yesterday, when Bennett backed down from his threatened resignation, we saw how he ‘wins’.

To win, you have to be able to identify the enemy.

And to know who your enemy is, you have to be able to identify yourself.

You need Zehut (identity).

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