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  • Moshe Feiglin, Chairman of Zehut

A Special Message from Moshe Feiglin

Dear Friends,

This is it. The great challenge is upon us. All the work, effort, and tools we have built over the last three years - we have prepared it for this time.

Zehut has correctly identified the internal and external challenges, the social/economic challenges, and the political/security challenges.


So we find ourselves at the end of the first week of the most recent crisis, when only ZEHUT has a clear and orderly answer as to how we can make it out of the crisis.

In all the confusion and mutual accusations, there has been only one coherent voice - the voice of ZEHUT.

At the end of the first week of the crisis, we can summarize by saying that no campaign, no matter how expensive, could have promoted ZEHUT the way that the current reality has.

If things continue this way - only the sky is the limit.

Our challenge is to make the Jewish people realize that it finally has a real alternative.

It will not happen if all kinds of distractions are allowed to drag us down. We are lions; not foxes. Leaders; not demonstrators. If we think like foxes, we will be seen as foxes - and the people of Israel have had more than enough of those.

The controversy with the people of Otzma Yehudit - it drags us into the fox's den. This morning I issued an unequivocal message that there would be no merger, neither with Otzma, nor with any other party. There are countless clips that explain why, but I want to stop explaining. We are not going to have this discussion.

Another "fox", of sorts, is the issue of "fake" polls. It's out in the open now. Hagai Segal (editor of Makor Rishon) explicitly admitted that he has no interest in including ZEHUT in polls, and it is not difficult to understand that his son, Channel 2 political correspondent Amit Segal, also has no particular interest in helping us...

We understand that the press is part of the political game and that polls are a tool in this game. It is clear to us that sooner or later (I hope that later) they will run out of fingers to stick in this dam of deceit for the sake of blinding the public.

In this case as well, what is needed is self-confidence and calm. Here, too, unnecessary whining will push us to the field of the foxes. Let those who seek our ill eat crow when the time comes. Avoid unnecessary talk of despair and frustration. We have a lot of work to do and we need all your positive energy.

Be happy, friends - Israel is stuck in the mud and you are the only ones holding the rope.

You have earned this.

Moshe Feiglin

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