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  • Moshe Feiglin, Chairman of Zehut

Netanyahu Likely to Appoint Bennett as Defense Minister

It is likely that Netanyahu’s next step will be to appoint Naftali Bennett to be Israel’s Defense Minister - and to finish him off, as he did to Lieberman.

Bennett’s plan is to “bomb them from the air without conquering Gaza”. In other words, for Bennett, as well, Gaza must remain captive in the hands of the enemy.

Exactly like Netanyahu and Lieberman, when the bluster finishes, Bennett remains completely captive to the Oslo mentality, to ‘public opinion’, with absolutely no message or ability to lead Israel to a new/old vision that will liberate us from our captivity to the Hamas.

It is reasonable that the calculating Netanyahu will give Bennett what he is asking for and make him Defense Minister. Essentially, ther is no difference between Bennett and Lieberman and when he meets reality, he will look no better than his predecessor.

Without Zehut, there cannot be security.

Today, it is already easy to understand: It is either Hamas or Zehut.

#NaftaliBennett #Hamas #Lieberman

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