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  • Moshe Feiglin, Chairman of Zehut

If Gaza Will Not Turn into Jaffa, Jaffa Will Turn into Gaza

This morning we should have woken up to total victory in a swift and unequivocal deployment all of the IDF’s precision firepower, simultaneously on the entire enemy command structure, on the electricity infrastructure and communications –wherever they may be hidden and with no hesitation.

This morning, the IDF should have been completing the operation by quickly taking over all the vantage points overlooking Israel and dividing the Gaza Strip.

This evening, the residents of Ashkelon should have been able to leave their homes and later, go to sleep feeling secure – while the residents of Gaza should have been waiting in long lines to register with the new IDF military governor.

Until the weekend, the residents of Gaza would have happily understood their new situation. The reign of terror would have disappeared. The gates of the Gaza concentration camp would have been opened and they would have been able to emigrate from the sewer in which they live, with Israel’s generous assistance. The military government would not be quick to improve their living conditions and those who would not hurry and take advantage of the opportunity would lose the generous emigration basket being offered to them.

Instead, we woke up to a morning of a repeat broadcast of Operation Protective Edge, without planning, without a diplomatic horizon and with no strategy.Once again, we are just rolling along with “charging our legitimacy batteries” with the blood of our soldiers and citizens. This will lead to another defeat of the Hamas and its empowerment for the next round of fighting. Or worse – a hesitant occupation of the Gaza Strip at the cost of tens and hundreds of dead, with the ultimate purpose of transferring it from the terrorists of the Hamas to the terrorists of the PA.

The incompetents who have left Israel captive to the Hamas and did not learn the lessons of Protective Edge must go home immediately. If Gaza will not turn into Jaffa, Jaffa will turn into Gaza.

The Netanyahu government must make room for leadership with identity. Zehut.

Click here for Zehut's Five-Point Plan for Gaza

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