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  • Moshe Feiglin, Chairman of Zehut

Netanyahu’s Two-Terror-States Solution

Until now, Israel has been paying protection money to Abu Mazen as part of the Oslo Accords. A portion of that money was sent to Gaza. For that reason, until now, the money sent to Gaza has been in Israeli shekels. Now that Qatar is sending the money through Israel, it is in dollars.

The question is, why now, after Abu Mazen has once again declared that the Oslo Accords are null, does Israel continue to pay him protection money? “There is no diplomatic solution,” PM Netanyahu announced last night in Paris.

If your horizon only goes as far as the walls of Peres and Beilin’s Oslo fantasy, there can be no solution other than the two-state-solution. In other words, creating two terror states: One in Gaza and the other in Ramallah. Israel will then pay protection money to both in exchange for less violence.

If your vision is the vision of one Jewish state, then there certainly is a diplomatic solution – without protection money and without sacrifices for peace – or “calm”…

Click here for Zehut’s One-State-Solution

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