• Moshe Feiglin, Chairman of Zehut

Rightist Government Implementing Extreme Left Policies

What turns a public group into an anger-driven mob is loss of path and leadership. Sometimes, we see it on the Right. On Saturday night at the annual memorial for PM Yitzchak Rabin, we saw it on the Left.

I was privileged to stand at the forefront of the struggle against the Oslo Accords. I organized the most effective protests that Israel has ever known against the catastrophe that the Rabin government had brought upon us. Concerned citizens tied their hands and sat down on roads throughout Israel, ready and willing to fill Israel’s prisons with their bodies.

An entire country stopped in its tracks in an amazing show of non-violent civil disobedience. It was the greatest hour of Israeli democracy in the face of the biting tyranny displayed by the Rabin government.

Our Zo Artzeinu protests had nothing of the incitement that we saw on Saturday night at the Rabin memorial demonstration.

The annual hatred and incitement show revolving around the Rabin assassination have become the campfire of a disappearing tribe. The problem is not the last remnants of the extreme Left. The problem is PM Netanyahu and the rightist government, which are fully implementing the Left’s policies.

When Netanyahu and his ministers surrender to the Hamas ultimatum and give it 15 million dollars per month, as it demanded, Oslo continues to triumph – by means of the Right.

Dear leftists, you do not have to demonstrate. You have won in a big way.

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