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Moshe Feiglin: Zardarov in Prison to Save Face for Justice System

Following new evidence in the Tair Rada murder case, Moshe Feiglin wrote the following post on Facebook:

When I participated in a demonstration calling for the release of Roman Zardarov, accused of murdering 13 year-old Tair Rada in her school bathroom in 2006, I was surprised to discover that I was the only Knesset Member at the protest. The other MKs were afraid of the State Prosecution.

I do not know who murdered Tair Rada. But I do know that the judges do not know, either. In light of the newly found evidence pointing to a different suspect, Zardarov should be immediately released on furlough until the end of a new investigation into the murder. Every minute that Zardarov remains behind bars is a huge injustice.

In 2016 I said that Zardarov is in prison to save face for the justice system, the police and mainly – for the State prosecution. The time has come to truly investigate the murder of Tair Rada. The first step is to release Zardarov on unlimited furlough.

#TairRada #RomanZardarov

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